Vol 3 (2017)

Published: 2017-06-30


It’s All About Information? The Following Behaviour of Professors and PhD Students in Computer Science on Twitter

Stephanie Linek, Asmelash Teka Hadgu, Christian Pieter Hoffmann, Robert Jäschke, Cornelius Puschmann
Abstract 355 | PDF Downloads 12

Spreading One's Tweets: How Can Journalists Gain Attention for their Tweeted News?

Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez, Derek Greene, Mark T. Keane
Abstract 172 | PDF Downloads 10

Identity Assurance in the UK: technical implementation and legal implications under the eIDAS Regulation

Niko Tsakalakis, Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Kieron O'Hara
Abstract 162 | PDF Downloads 13

A Content-Linking-Context Model for Automatic Assessment of Web Resources in “Notice-and-take-down” Procedures

Pei Zhang, Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Lester Gilbert
Abstract 148 | PREPRINT Downloads 63

Pro-Environmental Campaigns via Social Media: Analysing Awareness and Behaviour Patterns

Miriam Fernandez, Lara Piccolo, Harith Alani, Diana Maynard, Christop Meili, Meia Wippoo
Abstract 1149 | PDF Downloads 49

Privacy and Social Media Use in the Arabian Gulf: Saudi Arabian & Qatari Traditional Values in the Digital World

Norah Abokhodair, Sofiane Abbar, Sarah Vieweg, Yelena Mejova
Abstract 160 | PREPRINT Downloads 95