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Vol 3 (2017) A Content-Linking-Context Model for Automatic Assessment of Web Resources in “Notice-and-take-down” Procedures Abstract   PREPRINT
Pei Zhang, Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Lester Gilbert
Vol 1 (2015) ACQUA: Automated Community-based Question Answering through the Discretisation of Shallow Linguistic Features Abstract   Published version
George Gkotsis, Maria Liakata, Carlos Pedrinaci, Karen Stepanyan, John Domingue
Vol 2 (2016) An Extended Investigation of the Similarity Between Privacy Policies of Social Networking Sites as a Precursor for Standardization Abstract   Published version
Emma Cradock, David Millard, Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon
Vol 5 (2018) Exploring the Relationship between User Activities and Profile Images on Twitter through Machine Learning Techniques Abstract   Published version
Tomu Tominaga, Yoshinori Hijikata
Vol 3 (2017) Identity Assurance in the UK: technical implementation and legal implications under the eIDAS Regulation Abstract   Published version
Niko Tsakalakis, Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Kieron O'Hara
Vol 2 (2016) Improving Collaborative Filtering Using a Cognitive Model of Human Category Learning Abstract   Published Version
Simone Kopeinik, Dominik Kowald, Ilire Hasani-Mavriqi, Elisabeth Lex
Vol 3 (2017) It’s All About Information? The Following Behaviour of Professors and PhD Students in Computer Science on Twitter Abstract   Published version
Stephanie Linek, Asmelash Teka Hadgu, Christian Pieter Hoffmann, Robert Jäschke, Cornelius Puschmann
Vol 5 (2018) Knowledge Maps in Web Science Abstract   preprint
Clare Hooper, Isabella Peters, Cécile Robin
Vol 2 (2016) Modeling Activation Processes in Human Memory to Predict the Reuse of Tags Abstract   Published version
Christoph Trattner, Dominik Kowald, Paul Seitlinger, Simone Kopeinik, Tobias Ley
Vol 4 (2018) Multi-Cultural Interlinking of Web Taxonomies with ACROSS Abstract   Published version
Natalia Boldyrev, Marc Spaniol, Gerhard Weikum
Vol 4 (2018) On the Ubiquity of Web Tracking: Insights from a Billion-Page Web Crawl Abstract   Published version
Sebastian Schelter, Jérôme Kunegis
Vol 2 (2016) Overlap in the Web Search Results of Google and Bing Abstract   Published version
Rakesh Agrawal, Behzad Golshan, Evangelos Papalexakis
Vol 4 (2018) Predicting Online Islamophopic Behavior after #ParisAttacks Abstract   Published version
Kareem Darwish, Walid Magdy, Afshin Rahimi, Timothy Baldwin, Norah Abokhodair
Vol 3 (2017) Privacy and Social Media Use in the Arabian Gulf: Saudi Arabian & Qatari Traditional Values in the Digital World Abstract   PREPRINT
Norah Abokhodair, Sofiane Abbar, Sarah Vieweg, Yelena Mejova
Vol 3 (2017) Pro-Environmental Campaigns via Social Media: Analysing Awareness and Behaviour Patterns Abstract   PREPRINT
Miriam Fernandez, Lara Piccolo, Harith Alani, Diana Maynard, Christop Meili, Meia Wippoo
Vol 3 (2017) Spreading One's Tweets: How Can Journalists Gain Attention for their Tweeted News? Abstract   Published version
Claudia Orellana-Rodriguez, Derek Greene, Mark T. Keane
Vol 1 (2015) The Graph Structure in the Web -- Analyzed on Different Aggregation Levels Abstract   Published version
Robert Meusel, Sebastiano Vigna, Oliver Lehmberg, Christian Bizer
Vol 1 (2015) The Wisdom of the Few? “Supertaggers” in Collaborative Tagging Systems Abstract   Published version
Jared Lorince, Sam Zorowitz, Jaimie Murdock, Peter M. Todd
Vol 4 (2018) Towards Understanding the Consumption of Video-Ads on YouTube Abstract   Published version
Mariana Arantes, Flavio Figueiredo, Jussara M. Almeida
Vol 2 (2016) Tracking onscreen gender and role bias over time Abstract   Preprint
Will Radford, Matthias Gallé
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